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Hunting and Fishing in Wyoming

From the Big Horns to the Wind Rivers and the Red Desert, Wyoming offers an abundance of hunting and fishing opportunities. Whether you’re hunting for a trophy for your wall, or to fill your freezer with meat for the winter, there is a hunt for you. 

Hunting and fishing in Wyoming rely on your responsibility to do both ethically. Our precious resources are managed by Wyoming Game and Fish and much of their funding comes through purchasing the appropriate licenses and conservation stamps. 

From elk to buffalo, antelope to sandhill crane, there are opportunities for everyone all over the state. It’s imperative that you understand the local regulations, have the right license and hire an outfitter where required.  Wyoming Game and Fish’s Hunt Planner can help make sure you get the right licenses and are putting in for the areas appropriate for the hunt you’re dreaming of.

Find the Fishing Regulations here.

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Go here for information on Hunter Education courses, which are required to get a license.

There are both over the counter and draw licenses available in Wyoming. Residents are only allowed to purchase over the counter licenses for General hunt areas. A non-resident must enter to draw to have a chance at an Elk, Deer, Antelope or Moose. In a “draw” area even residents must put in for a tag. If you are unsuccessful in the draw you are able to buy a “preference point” for that hunt area. This increases your chances of drawing that tag in the future.

Here is the table with the deadlines for applying for certain licenses.

A landowner in Wyoming must own at least 160 contiguous acres in a “draw area” to apply for a tag. The land must meet a 2000 day/year use to qualify. This means the land provides food, water, and habitat for the desired hunt species. This can be 10 animals for 200 days, or 400 animals for 5 days. This is determined by the Game and Fish.  Each landowner is eligible for 2 tags per species regardless of acreage. A finite number of landowner tags are available in each area. If applications exceed availability in an area, a competitive draw is completed.

Non-resident big and trophy game hunters are required to obtain a professional outfitter or resident guide while hunting in any federally designated wilderness area. It is highly advisable to have an outfitter guide you on your hunt for their local knowledge, success rate, and to make sure you are following all state regulations. Find a Guide.

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