Northwest Wyoming

Encompassing Grand Teton National Park and the majority of Yellowstone National Park

Welcome to Northwest Wyoming

Beautiful scenic region home to two natural parks and countless popular attractions along with luxurious resorts
Encompassing Grand Teton National Park and the majority of Yellowstone National Park, Northwest Wyoming is a vast, scenic, and mountainous terrain home to many of the state's most notable cities and popular tourist destinations. Included in this region are the metropolis of Jackson, Cody, which is considered the gateway to Yellowstone, and the town of Powell, along with many others. 
The scenery here is one of this region's biggest attractors. The Northwest region of Wyoming has become a popular place to live and a prominent vacation spot thanks to its many amenities, iconic national parks, breathtaking scenery, and Old West culture. Whether you want to be adventurous and explore the recreational options throughout the rugged backcountry or relax in a serene and lavish resort, the Northwest region has a little bit of everything.

What to Love

  • Mountainous region
  • Easily accessible
  • Many amenities
  • Two national parks
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Old West heritage

People & Lifestyle 

People most attracted to Northwest Wyoming tend to be young professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and families who love the prospect of living in such a scenic and adventurous part of the country. This region is famous for its Wild West culture and heritage. Experience everything from national parks to dazzling landscapes and thrilling outdoor recreation. 
Everywhere you turn here, you're likely to find exhilarating natural beauty, including glacial lakes and majestic snow-capped mountains. It's hard to imagine a place more stunning. Plus, everything is easily accessible, and there are countless amenities in the area. You're likely to find something suited to every lifestyle.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

Melvin Brewing is a local Alpine brewery with great beer, fantastic food, and beautiful scenery surrounding the establishment. Beer lovers at heart, the team at Melvin Brewing specializes in IPAs but believes in crafting the best beer no matter the style. 
Stock up on authentic ranch equipment and cowboy gear at Custom Cowboy Shop in Cody, Wyoming. If you want to embrace your inner cowboy and get the most out of Wyoming's vibrant western culture, then this family-owned western store is a must-visit. They have a wide selection of quality Western-style clothing, gear, decor, and more. 
Also located in Cody is the landmark Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel, considered the "Grand Old Lady of Cody." For more than a century, Irma has represented neighborliness and a lively, welcoming atmosphere that invites guests to come inside, relax, and be themselves. The Irma Hotel is a historic Cody staple that looks straight from the Old West. The Prime Rib buffet is a local favorite.
In nearby Pinedale, the Lakeside Lodge on Main Street is the only lodge on the shore of Wyoming's second-largest natural lake, Fremont Lake. This tranquil resort and marina are far enough away from town to give guests the sense of seclusion and peaceful respite they're after while still being close enough that modern conveniences are just minutes away. The lodge boasts a restaurant, bar, shared lounge, and a garden.

Things to Do

Dubois is home to the annual Memorial Pack Horse Race. With three races held annually in June, this event showcases skills used by backcountry horsemen throughout the west. Watch local horsemen race standing up, horse-and-buggy style, on the scenic overlook. 
Encompassing more than 310,000 acres, Grand Teton National Park is a beautifully scenic region located just a few miles south of Yellowstone National Park. The park features the major peaks of the Teton Range, and it's a great place to see the natural wildlife. Similarly, Yellowstone is a world-famous natural park known for its hot springs, geysers, and an incredible variety of wildlife and flora. You'll want to see Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Spring. 
Held during the July fourth weekend, the annual Cody Stampede Rodeo is a premier event featuring Western-style events and spectacle. The best cowboys and cowgirls in the region compete in various exciting events for big prizes, including a mix of bareback riding, bull riding, and steer wrestling. 
Pinedale's biggest annual event is the Green River Rendezvous, celebrating fur trappers and historic explorers featuring rodeos, re-enactments, food, live music, beer, and entertainment. It takes place over four days in July.


Some of the most notable school districts in Northwest Wyoming include the Park County School District, Sublette County Schools, and Northwest Wyoming BOCES schools. There is also Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. The Jackson campus of Central Wyoming College is located here, too.

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