10 Best Restaurants in Jackson Hole

Deirdre Griffith  |  October 28, 2023

10 Best Restaurants in Jackson Hole

Nestled amidst natural grandeur in the shadow of the Teton Mountains, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is widely known as a place for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. It's a place where the air is fresher, the lifestyle more laid back, and the history and culture as rich and wild as the scenic landscapes.

But take a closer look, and you quickly realize that the valley's culinary prowess is equally impressive. Whether grabbing breakfast before heading out to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort or taking in a lunch or dinner after coming off the mountain, there's no shortage of exceptional establishments to quell your appetite, whatever cuisine it may be craving.

Indeed, whether you own a home in the valley or visit as much as you can, one of the great perks of Jackson is the superb restaurants, cafes, and bars that stretch from Jackson to Teton Village to Wilson and back again. Fine dining, quick eats, coffee shops, and bakeries—you're never left wanting for something delicious and deeply satisfying.

Of course, even with the impressive roster of eateries, a handful of culinary choices rise above the rest. These are the new trendsetters and revered favorites—the eateries that earn the most acclaim and favor amongst residents and visitors as the 10 best restaurants in Jackson Hole.


200 West Broadway

Bin22 is a beacon of refined gastronomy, drawing patrons with unique offerings from its wine bar, bottle shop, and restaurant trifecta. It carries the warmth of Tuscan culture as it offers an expansive array of fine wines and sophisticated small plates. A place where friendships bloom over a bottle of the finest curated selections, Bin22 invites you to create cherished memories nestled in an atmosphere that speaks of refinement and casual elegance in equal measure. Bin22 is operated by the Fine Dining Restaurant Group; drinks are half-off during happy hour (4 p.m. to 6 p.m.), and Bin22 offers specials like two drinks for $2 during the offseason.

The Blue Lion

160 North Millward Street

A staple in Jackson Hole for over 45 years, The Blue Lion envelops its visitors with a sense of the familiar, promising a dining experience that is both classic, comforting, and consistently remarkable. Housing itself in a charming wooden cottage, itself a staple predating the restaurant's arrival, The Blue Lion delights patrons with dishes that carry a soulful touch, with fine, gourmet dining that feels incredibly relaxed, like coming home to a feast prepared with love and care. The Blue Lion is known for their New Zealand rack of lamb (breaded and served with rosemary sauce, wild rice, and seasonal vegetables).

Cafe Genevieve

135 East Broadway

Nestled in a historic cabin that exudes rustic charm, Cafe Genevieve welcomes those seeking the joy of a breakfast that feels like a warm hug on a cold morning. The inviting space features a menu that celebrates American homestyle cooking with a bit of culinary innovation tossed in for good measure. Patrons keep coming back for more, ensuring that Cafe Genevieve remains among Jackson Hole's favorite breakfast spots.

Streetfood @ The Stagecoach

Wilson, WY

Streetfood is a casual restaurant in Wilson, Wyo., serving various street food dishes worldwide. The menu changes seasonally, but some popular items include fish tacos, quesadillas, loaded al pastor fries, Korean barbecue chicken wings, Philly cheesesteak, bibimbap bowl, lamb burger, and vegan burrito. The restaurant is located in Wilson’s Stagecoach Bar (at the base of the Teton Pass); you can also find the Streetfood food truck at Jackson Hole Still Works, Highpoint Cider, and various special events throughout the year.

Hand Fire Pizza

120 North Cache St.

You can't have a best list of restaurants without including a location's favorite pizza joint. For Jackson Hole, that spot is Hand Fire Pizza, located downtown in the old Teton Theater. You'll find few places more passionate about their pie-making than the team at Hand Fire. With nearly 20 varieties of hand-made, wood-fired pizza on the menu, there's always an order sure to satisfy your craving. The beautiful and historic restored theater setting is appropriate given Hand Made Pizza's dedication to the art of pizza making.

Teton Tiger

165 Center St.

Set on Center St. in the heart of Jackson, Wyo., Teton Tiger Restaurant and Cocktail Bar is best known for its delicious Asian-inspired cuisine, creative cocktails, and lively atmosphere. You’d be hard-pressed to find a livelier atmosphere or better location. The restaurant specializes in pan-Asian dishes like Mongolian beef, Korean barbeque tacos, and pad Thai. Guests love coming back to Teton Tiger to relax on the patio and explore more of the signature cocktail menu.

Persephone Bakery

145 East Broadway, Jackson
3445 North Pines Way, Wilson

For those who cannot resist the artistry of pastry making, a visit to Persephone Bakery is a journey as fulfilling as a snow-packed run at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Serving a vibrant breakfast and outstanding salads and sandwiches for lunch, you'll find the showstoppers on Persephone's baked fresh daily pastry menu. But order early and often as the indulgent creations rarely make it intact to the afternoon. In addition to Persephone's Jackson and Wilson locations, the Picnic spinoff in West Jackson is also worth visiting.

Snake River Grill

84 East Broadway

Snake River Grill is a true icon among the restaurants in Jackson Hole, if not the singular iconic destination for hungry locals—unofficially, everyone's favorite Jackson Hole establishment. Offering an experience that marries rustic elegance with gourmet brilliance, Snake River Grill is a rare dining experience where, regardless of what you order, it will be exceptionally delicious. With a curated menu as adventurous as it is innovative and an impressively lengthy wine list, Snake River Grill remains Jackson Hole's defining purveyor of rustic elegance and elevated haute cuisine.

Trio, An American Bistro

45 South Glenwood

At Trio, An American Bistro, guests are welcomed into a space where culinary harmony is the guiding principle, as there's no one dominant cuisine. Instead, various flavors share the spotlight, with each dish a creative take on a well-known favorite. From its extensive list of first-course sharable plates to its selection of pizzas and on to main courses that include Lamb Sausage Past and Snake River Farms pork chops, every meal at Trio promises to be a new favorite in Jackson Hole dining rotation.

The Bistro

112 Center St.

Located in The Cloudveil, steps from the town square, The Bistro has retained its European charm over the decades. The menu features seasonal dishes, including fresh oysters and a robust brunch selection. Adventurous diners love the grilled quail, and the French onion soup is an excellent start to any meal. The restaurant’s atmosphere is highly impressive, whether you’re drinking at the zinc bar or perusing the menu from the hotel’s rooftop. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a tasty meal before or after setting out to explore Jackson Hole.

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