A Guide to Moving in the Winter

Deirdre Griffith  |  September 19, 2023

A Guide to Moving in the Winter
Winter moves have often been overshadowed by the bustling summer and spring seasons. However, there's a charm and some benefits to relocating during the cooler months. Keep reading to explore the various reasons why some families and individuals choose this less popular season to move.

Pros and Cons of Moving in Winter

Pros Cons
Movers often offer significant discounts. Weather can be unpredictable.
Less competition for booking moving companies. Potential for slippery roads and walkways.
Flexibility in choosing moving dates. Shorter daylight hours.
Lower likelihood of overbooked moving services. Risk of damage to items from wet or snowy conditions.
Possible faster service due to fewer clients. Need for extra precautions when packing.

Tips for moving during the chilly season

Ensure your transport is prepared for the frost

Moving in winter can often evoke a mix of excitement and apprehension. One of the foundational steps to a successful winter move is ensuring your transport is up to the challenge. Your vehicle, be it a personal car or a moving truck, is your vessel through the cold journey. Ensuring it's prepped for snowy or icy conditions is crucial. Several days before your move, give your vehicle a thorough check to ensure everything is running properly. This proactive step not only saves potential heartaches and money on sudden repairs but lays the foundation for a stress-free transition.

Prepare a must-have winter emergency kit

The embrace of the winter months is often accompanied by the unpredictable caress of its weather. Moving during these months calls for an extra layer of preparedness. Crafting an emergency kit infused with care and thought can make a world of difference. Populate it with essentials: a first aid kit to mend minor mishaps, warm clothing that wraps you in a comforting embrace, and quintessential winter supplies. Imagine the peace of mind knowing you have a shovel, ice scraper, and rock salt within arm's reach, ready to confront extreme cold or sudden snowy curtain drops.

Stay updated with the latest weather news

Winter weather is often unpredictable. Tuning into weather forecasts, especially the ones projected for the week swirling around your move date, can be the lighthouse guiding your ship. With winter's penchant for dramatic, unexpected climatic shifts, there's always the possibility of a sudden snowfall or a gust of challenging weather muddling your moving dreams. Nurturing a backup plan and ensuring harmonious communication with your moving service creates a cushion of comfort, ensuring all involved can adapt seamlessly.

Have a backup for on-the-road mishaps

When journeying through the winter's embrace, one must be armed with knowledge and support. Familiarize yourself with your roadside assistance options. Whether your voyage is stretching its legs across the country or making a brief hop to a neighboring city, an intimate awareness of your preferred route, interspersed with information on potential winter-induced road closures, can be the compass directing your journey. Such assures a better moving experience.

Clear and treat entry pathways

The day has arrived to finally move, and a layer of snow might be painting your surroundings. Before the professional movers step into this winter wonderland, gift them a canvas of clear driveways and welcoming entry points. This thoughtful gesture is a silent nod of gratitude, making the move safe and accessible for everyone.

Storing essentials for the frosty months

Safeguard those delicate pieces

The biting chill of winter requires extra care and attention, especially when it comes to safeguarding your treasured possessions. Delicate items, such as the wooden furniture that has been passed down generations or the ornate mirror that holds fond memories, become vulnerable in the face of extreme cold. Enveloping them with extra blankets or cocooning them in protective plastic tarps helps to shield them and ensure they remain cherished for many more seasons to come.

Arrange and tag your belongings

For optimal packing and unpacking, take the time to reflect, declutter, and reorganize. As you set your belongings aside for storage, a little mindfulness in organizing and labeling can make all the difference. Carefully arranging and tagging each box can ensure that when it comes time to unpack, everything you need will be at your fingertips, especially things that you might need to get through the rest of the chilly season. This act of organization, though simple, is your key to a harmonious winter season, letting you find what you need when you need it.

Opt for temperature-regulated storage

Winter's unpredictable nature can sometimes be unkind to temperature-sensitive possessions. The fluctuating cold can wreak havoc on items that hold sentimental or monetary value. Opting for climate-controlled storage ensures your belongings get the tender care they deserve. Within these temperature-regulated confines, your things remain untouched by the extremities, preserving their essence and beauty.

Securely wrap your goods

Winter's chill can sometimes bring along an unwelcome guest - moisture. The unassuming cardboard box, sturdy during the sunnier seasons, might falter under the dampness of snow. Securing your items, wrapping them with a protective layer using plastic tarps or bubble wrap, ensures they remain dry and intact.

Remove fluids from machinery

Any machinery likely requires a touch of care as winter rolls in. Fluids left within can freeze and potentially cause harm to the inner mechanics. Draining these liquids is a small yet powerful gesture of care. This way when spring comes around and you’re in your new home, your machinery will be ready to serve without the burdens of potential damage or expensive repairs.

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